John Ashworth

Selected Works

Historical novel set in 1890s Florida, when Northern big business collides with old plantations. FL Historical Society Press, Chapin House Books, 2008
Young adult science fiction novel about social and political uses of science
Short Stories
A youth's dangerous effort to escape a banal working class life - O. Henry Prize Stories of 1949; Film by Universal Studios
Expatriate childless couple celebrating personal rebirth in Florence - Raritan, Fall 1995
An immigrant mother's efforts to help her daughter escape an abusive relationship
The shy love between a father and daughter
A journey with characters from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Contains opportunities for music and dance.
The visions and imagination of the English poet, William Blake, as he struggles against inhumanity, war, and is tried for sedition.
Magazine Article
The Atlantic, May 1949. Much anthologized including: Literature, Reading Fiction, Poetry and Drama, by R. DiYanni, pub. McGraw-Hill, 2000, 2004

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Burning Bright

Play centering around the sedition trial of the English poet, William Blake. The determination and visions of William Blake to live, love, and work in a new way; imagination in conflict with repression. Blake's relationship with his wife, Catherine; his desire to write an epic of England struggling against inhumanity and war; and his sedition trial, are plot centerpieces. See contact for more information.
Rehearsed Reading of Burning Bright play Act I:

Burning Bright Act I from Daniel Ashworth on Vimeo.

Rehearsed Reading of play Burning Bright Act II:

Burning Bright Act II from Daniel Ashworth on Vimeo.